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bio and artist statement


I have always been interested in drawing but when I started university to study architecture I traded that creative part for  perspectives, linedrawing by hand and later computer drawings and 3D images. I have taken some  art history classes and figure drawing classes, but I didn't really do any drawing in the early years of this century until 

I  started drawing by hand again some five years ago by participating in several workshops in L´Escosesa with the artist Diego Mallo. ISince then I developed a personal rhythm while drawing, this time mostly using charcoal. My style over time has become more loose and direct, and therefore more expresive. After a while I got comfortable embracing  and incorporating  the imperfections that emerged.

mixed media and Portraits

After the workshops I followed in L´Escosesa I have started reinterpreting the drawings I made there by painting over them, with acrylic paint first , and later with oil paint. Looking for contrast in texture and trace.

Shortly after I started painting over  charcoal drawings using acrylic paint, I started painting portraits  not from a photo or a live model but from memory or from the process itself. Because the subject emerges at the same time as the texture and the trace of the brush it becomes easier to get the most out of what is on the canvas.


Method, texture and trace 

Over the last few years I have been developing my personal style and creative method. For more than a year now I have been painting in a workshop environment where I have noticed that my approach is quite a bit more intuitive then others, and I am easily tempted to follow along with  the image as it takes shape and i get interested in the mistakes and deviations that the process brings.

I look for texture and contrast , be it by drawing with charcoal, painting with arcrylic paint using variuos mediums o and painting with oil paint using thinners and mediums to generate textures and impastos, focusing more an more on the texture left by the trace of the brush as a painting progresses.

13 BARNA 2015 2106.jpg

artistic trajectory

2015 - 2019


2018 - 2019

2019 - 2021

various workshops with Diego Mallo at  L'Escosesa

Vooges Mural - collaboration with Bas Neering

Massana Permanent course Retrats (portraits) by Josep Maria Cabané

workshops sessions with Josep Maria Cabané


permanent workshop space in Poblenou


space at NAUART

Group shows


NAUART group exhibition Tallers Oberts Poblenou

Comunidart  group exhibition 'Colors de Tardor'

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