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Charcoal and acrylic

After a series of workshops I followed in L´Escosesa in Poblenou in Barcelona, I have started reinterpreting my own drawings by painting over them with acrylic paint , first , and later with oil paint. Looking for contrast in texture and trace.



Shortly after I started painting over  charcoal drawings using acrylic paint, I started painting portraits  not from a photo or a live model but from memory or from the process itsself. Because the subject emerges at the same time as the texture and the trace of f the brush it becomes easier to get the most out of what is on the canvas.


I look for texture and contrast , be it by drawing with charcoal, painting with arcrylic paint using various mediums o and painting with oil paint using thinners and mediums to generate textures and impastos, focusing more an more on the texture left by the trace of the brush as a painting progresses.

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